About Us

Sunshine Cab is proud to serve Roswell, Carlsbad and the surrounding areas with the best taxi and delivery service around. We pride ourselves on having fully qualified drivers, showing up on time and always having clean vehicles for our customers to enjoy.

We service locally in Chaves and Eddy counties- with airport shuttle, taxi service, contract rides, package delivery, and cold calls. Sunshine Cab also has the ability to go from any of the cities, within the counties, to anywhere in the State of New Mexico and Lubbock TX.

We are owned and operated by Blue Sky Logistics, Inc. which includes MedConnect. Sunshine Taxi is happy to be apart of the community getting people to and from locations. Our rates are very competitive and regulated by the State of New Mexico.

We have a private ride service as well. You can “buy a car” for 4 hours minimum to as long as you need it. The driver will only be used by you and will be there for all your needs. CALL US FOR MORE DETAILS.

Blue Sky Logistics, Inc. – DBA Sunshine Cab Company DBA MedConnect is fully insured and have all certificates required by the State of New Mexico. Drivers are all fully qualified with any and all requirements by the State of New Mexico.